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How to Bet on eSports with Pinnacle Bet at PS3838

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Esports has become very popular around the world and many people are betting on these games. PS3838 is one of the platforms where players can bet on competitions of video games. This guide will help you understand how to bet on eSports using PS3838, the best alternative for Pinnacle bet.

What is PS3838?

PS3838 is an online betting sportsbook that is the most popular Pinnacle alternative. Pinnacle was a pioneer bookmaker to promote eSports betting and PS3838 follows its footsteps offering plenty of betting options and competitions on eSports. On PS3838 bettors can find all the major competitions and events of the most popular eSports, such as CS2, Call of Duty, Dota2, League of Legends, Valorant, Crossfire, Rainbow Six etc.

The platform is offered in 11 languages making it suitable for players from all corners of the world. With a clean cut layout, bettors can easily find all the leagues, betting options and features. They can make customizable adjustments, using the odds format of their preference, sorting the bets display according to their preferences. They can see all the live events taking place and all the events to come where they can place single or parlay bets.

How to Bet on eSports in PS3838?

In order to be able to place their bets, bettors need to create an account through a betting broker that offers access to PS3838. As soon as they complete the registration process and they have money in their account, they can login to the platform and easily find the eSports section under the PS3838 logo where there are two main categories: sports and eSports.

Navigate to the eSports section

As soon as they find the eSports tab, bettors can click on it and see all the games offered. eSports section covers many different games and competitions like CS2, Valorant, Dota2 etc and bettors need to click on the game they are interested in.

Choose a Market

When betting on eSports, bettors have many options. Popular markets on eSports are Match Winner where bettors bet on the team they think will win the match. This is the most common type of bet on eSports. Another popular market especially on Asian bookies platforms like PS3838 is Handicap betting, where the draw option is eliminated by giving a team a virtual advantage in order to level the playing field.

Another option for eSports is Over/Under where bettors can bet on whether the total number of points or rounds will be over or under a certain number. On sportsbooks like PS3838 bettors can also find special bets like which team will win the first map, which player will get the most kills etc.

Place a Bet

As soon as they decide on the game and type of bet, the bettor needs to click on the bet they wish to bet on. They need to find the market column and click on the odds selection for their bet.

As soon as they click on the odds the betslip will open where they can enter the amount of money they want to wager in the respective box. As soon as they check the bet to make sure everything is correct, the bettor can click the Place Bet button and then to confirm it.

Check Results

As soon as the game is over, bettors can check the results on PS3838. In case they won, their winnings will be added to their account balance. Whenever they wish to collect their winnings, they need to contact their broker, choose a payment method and follow the broker’s instructions in order to receive their withdrawal.

Tips for Successful Betting on eSports

In order to develop skill and not rely only on mere luck, it is useful to learn about the various eSports games and the various competitions that are conducted throughout the world. It is important to know about the teams and players competing in each game, their past performances and current form.

Apart from research, disciplined bankroll management is essential. Bettors need to make sure they bet only what they can afford to lose and follow a strict budget. Sports betting is an exciting form of leisure activity and it needs to be entertaining without causing financial problems. Players need to keep up with the latest news in the eSports world like injuries, team changes and other factor that can affect the outcome of the games.

In Short

Placing a pinnacle bet on eSports using PS3838 is very simple and bettors can enjoy a number of features and customizable options that fit their betting style. With some research, keeping up with the latest news and careful money management, all bettors can enjoy the thrill of eSports that has captured the interest of millions of bettors around the world.

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